I debated what to call this first post on a new blog in a new year. Usually, I name them after I write them. So what to write about?

  1. Well, I would want to point out this is a new blog but I am not new to blogging.
  2. Preview what a reader may expect to find here and how often.
  3. Establish credentials so that I’m not blathering on about something I know nothing about.
  4. Emphasize the reason for me getting back to blogging and why that’s important.
  5. Create the sense of openness, candor and authenticity
  6. Not talk all about my job much and never mention clients

One. I used to have a blog called FalseNorthing.com from 2010-2014. It was a therapy of sorts for a job that was OK but suddenly got tough due to circumstance out of my control. I left that job and eventually the blog kinda fell away. Last year I finally stopped paying for the URL.

Two. My Goal, Resolution or Intention (whichever you like) is to have 50 Posts a year. They will, most likely,  not be this long but will be one of the following categories: Apple, GIS, Life Maps, School, Tech. (not in that order)

Three. You can refer to my LinkedIn profile for specifics on me.

Four. I am picking up blogging again because I enjoy it and have a lot of opinions about this Geo-industry, Tech, Life and kind of see it as an obligation to lend lessons I have learned to the community at large. It may seem pretentious but I have gray hair and insights. (See Quotes on “Knowledge Hoarding”)

Five. All of my Posts will be barely edited and gut-level. Beware.

Six. I work with many local governments, Esri employees, private sector folks. I will not talk about specific clients or people at work. That’s unprofessional and you can feel free to call me out if you feel I cross a line of trust or improperness. Work projects or technology might get mentioned because it’s a full 1/3 of my life’s time.

Back to the Title ‘Moving Forward’. I am a big proponent of learning from the past but NOT reliving it or even wishing for it. (Star Wars 7 & 8 are for the Kids, let them have it) I may have archived my Blog as a PDF but I didn’t want to resurrect it because I’m Moving Forward.