If you don’t know who Randall Munroe is, I’m sure you’ve seen his stick-figure comics. Most geeky Geographers, Physicists, Mathematicians and Network Admins (shibboleet anyone?) have one or more or many of XKCD printed and pinned up on their cubicle or office walls. The clever and insightful knowledge contained within the comics indicate an author that truly understands the subject. Still, the range of topics seem to indicate that a team of authors write the comic. Nope, just one guy. (I am a moron)

Additional compliments are the many – many spin-offs of these comics. I  want to highlight one such spinoff; a website that attempts to limit text vocabulary to the most popular 1,000 (ten-hundred) words within the English language. This is based on a comic that describes a Saturn 5 rocket using simple words; Up Goer 5. (Mr Munroe actually wrote a book called “Thing Explainer” describing many complicated stuff using these 1,000 simple words).  The website forces you to use these 1,000 words and gives you an error if you don’t.

Well, I re-wrote our company website homepage introduction paragraph in this fashion. It’s  relatively benign collection of corporate words and catch phrases intended to boost our SEO. Here it the text as it was originally:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.24.46 PM


Here is the new paragraph using the 1,000 most common words in the English language.

My work place does a good job with making easy to read maps and helps keep track of things for city work people, under ground stuff, driving cars, and drawing guys. As your trusted business friend, we help you get sky points onto maps and make deciders and maps on the screen that make good choices. We are here to bring you easy to read map maker, lots of map screens together, and world wide screen lines, all brought to you by that rich red-lands place guy. Our good-job things are from small “keeping track of stuff” jobs to “big word thing answer” jobs all given out through the cloud sharing boxes. Talk to us to make your group to get the most out of your where-point question things!

Sounds MUCH more fun!

Try it yourself here:https://xkcd.com/simplewriter/