I’ve been walking around for the past few weeks feeling like I’m forgetting something.

Where's my Wallet. Oh, right here. Wait!..Shovel the Driveway?...No 
 No, I did that. The oil!  Yes, I need to change the oil in may car. 
Well that's true, but not what I'm forgetting...Feed the cat? Water the plant? What is it?

Oh yeah; Class!

I’m not preparing, revising, grading, updating, researching for Monday night’s class.  It has been such a part of the semester weekly activities my brain is having a hard time remembering that I don’t have to.

I taught one night class every semester from 2007 – 2017 only taking off one year (*note the first 4 years were at ICC). I can confidently say that I’m done now, for sure. I knew it early in the semester this past Fall. It felt different. During a few of the lectures, I had this weird sensation of hearing myself just saying the words. Reading my notes and saying the words, as if someone else was lecturing. Hearing myself and wondering, “Wow, I hardly have to think about this. The words just come out.” I had flipped the switch & become Professor Autopilot. That’s when I knew I was done.

I don’t want to do anything halfway. Auto-lecturer is a half-arse attempt to earn a few extra bucks a semester not caring about the quality of material or presentation. I might as well have a paper-route. So, I’m out.

Much Thanks to my buddy Martin who’s teaching the class with a renewed vigor and refreshed vision. Personally, I think he’s more qualified and prepared than I ever was. The Kids deserve it. Go Devils!