A few months ago I went on a road trip that took me past Salt Lake City.  Interstate 80 cruises through the mountains in northern Utah and scoots around the Great Salt Lake. Several times I saw huge piles of salt that looked like mountains of their own. Lots of these operations were owned by Morton Salt. Their Tag line has been in my head over the past few weeks.


When It Rains, It pours.

I guess it’s true. Late December brought on a water leak in the street outside my house. OK, not my problem. IMG_6592 Well, shortly, after there was a corresponding leak in my yard; My Problem. In some of the coldest temps of the year I had to have my waterline replaced that goes into my house. Plumbers had to open a hole in the dugout part of the basement (house is from 1924) but it was too cold to patch the hole with concrete. I was told to do it as soon as it got warmer (foreshadowing). They filled back in the hole & trench. But now my side yard is a fun zone of frozen mud.

Then, our upstairs had in inexplicable infestation of tiny ants a few weeks back (ANTS?! in January?!) I mean we’re clean people. No candy wrappers, no dirty dishes, just tiny ants and LOTS of vacuuming. Well after a few home remedy attempts, we just went the chemical route – probably cutting our children’s lives short a few years.

Remember the hole in the basement?

IMG_6601Well, the weather did get warm & one night it rained enough to drown a cat. Even though it had been filled in, that trench outside with the new water lateral acted like a funnel into my house and left a muddy river across the floor to the drain  on the other side of the basement. That was a fun phone call to get at work. After the cleanup (More vacuuming), I dumped a bag of quick-crete in the hole like the guy said to.

Also, our dryer squeaks & squeals and everything on the internet tells me it’s the rear bearing. So, I ordered a repair kit. It’s on it’s way on a slow-boat from China and I will take care of that myself with the help of a 45 minute video from YouTube (disposable expertise).

Just last night, our nice 7 year-old sleek Samsung front loading 1,100 RPM clothes washer went out. Finally. We had been babying it for about 6 months, having had a diagnosis from an appliance repair man that it was slowly dying and repair would be 75% cost of a new one. (planned obsolesce anyone?) We decided to deal with the helicopter takeoff sounds and the random mid-cycle stops, until last night it sang it’s last song. So, we’re going the cheap route, buying a used washer from a friend because it is available and I’m tired. Don’t really care what it looks like, as long as it washes the clothes and it’s $40. It’ll be the cheapest solution this month.


Stupid Morton Salt.

Also, I hate January.