I found this piece from earlier last year. It was a kind of Mind-Dump I had in Apple Notes. It’s very scattered and miscellaneous as my head most of the time. So enjoy, this is how I think:

Here’s a question to ask yourself:

What Do I believe is impossible to do in my field, but if it could be done, it would fundamentally change my business?

What New Technology or Process could Disrupt us? Look For Disruptions!

Great Mentors List:

  • Great Mentors Practice Self reflection.
  • Great Mentors are still growing.
  • Great Mentors focus on doing and being.
  • Great Mentors share positive lessons from negative experiences.
  • Great Mentors expose their screwups.
  • Great Mentors stand up and cheer when mentees show authenticity.
  • Great Mentors make room for others.

The Consumerization of Information: Google allows us to know everything.

The Consumerization of Expectations: Everyone is average, regular and not extraordinary at all.

Disposal Expertise This is the idea that we all can be experts. Don’t know how to install a J-trap in your sink? Need to figure our where the alternator is on your car? How to lay carpet? Just Google it, or watch a YouTube. Boom get the information, get the job done and forget all of it. We’re all experts but in nothing. We’re all professionals, kinda.

Seriously; How many people do you know that roast their own coffee beans? One, more than one? How about Brewing Beer in a 5-Gallon Bucket? Or stay up overnight to “watch the temperature on their Brisket Smoker? I don’t understand some hobbies.

ScottOppman talk @ ILGISA itemized into 5 bullet points.

  • ID Needs
  • Focus on user
  • Incorporate tech trends
  • Define Platform Configuration
  • Develop & Ship

– What is your Service Catalog?

– Stockholm Syndrome GIS Vendor = “SS Business Model” I think this will be a Blog post in the future.