On a recent work-related road trip I listened to a book called ‘Finish’ by Jon Acuff. I’ve read a few (this is my 3rd) of his books and I even remember when he had a blog while working at some marketing firm somewhere near the east coast. He’s around my age, has similar belief system and so I have cursorlay interest in what he is up to.


This is what I got out of it: Calm Down

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jon read the bilk and I would recommend hearing it that way. The funny thing is I went ahead and bought the paper copy anyway because I wanted a few people I know to read it.

The premise is simple, there are enough self-help-punch-yourself-in-the-gut books and podcasts to last a few millennia. This book gives you the perspective that sometimes, you need to give yourself a pass. Now, I love me some Jocko Willink. He’s a great motivator, (him counting backwards from ten will get you out of bed!) Here, Jon doesn’t disparage the setting of goals or accomplishing tasks. He just wants to ease up on the self-deprecation of unrealistic perfection that leads to depression or anxiety.

My favorite chapter is Chapter 6 “Get Rid of your Secret Rules” These are ideals or standards that we arbitrarily set on ourselves in a moment of euphoric goal setting.

Jon end most chapters with action steps that you will try and write down while you are listening to the audible version. Just do yourself a favor and buy the book.

Thanks Jon, looking forward to see what you come up with next.