I like questions that say something about yourself.

For example, if you could choose the day you die, would you? Has to be more than 10 years away & the question doesn’t make you invincible (you could still die in a fiery auto crash). Or the ‘What one of the five senses would you give up?’

One I’ve been mulling about and asking people. “If you had to leave your chosen profession. Not your job, your profession. What would you do?”  No lottery win, No inheritance received, No instantaneous infusement(?) of knowledge. You just have to leave the field you have worked in for decades. Your skills, your network, achievements, degrees, certifications….all don’t matter. What would you do?

At a previous employer I knew the director of juvenile & adult probation pretty well. He had worked for 35 years in the field. He had written a book about the profession. He was healthy and loved his job. Then a heart-attack made him reconsider everything. After some recovery time he was back at work and I saw him again. His head was shaven, goateed and eager to show off his new tattoo. Asking him how work was going after a heart attack, he said, “I love it, we do good, we help kids & adults get back on their feet after some dumb decisions…But I’d walk away in a second if I could afford to.” Later that year the county offered an early retirement buy-out and he was the first one to sign up.

I’d like that clarity, but without a heart attack.

So, what would I do? Don’t know exactly but it would have something to do with coffee.

What would you do?