OK, I figured 6 months is long enough to write a blog that no one knows about. So this post is the Welcoming for any new readers. So… everyone. Bello!

I would recommend starting with the first post of January 1.

Otherwise, I have been mentally processing turning 42 next week. Two years ago I had a hard time turning 40, this year concern is not so much the specific date, rather the season of life. I am thinking about starting something. I have enjoyed writing this blog for myself. I have continued running, though not as much. Work is great but honestly not fulfilling. This summer I am taking the summer off from classes. Church, family, all these things are good. I am just feeling blah. Here’s some options to shake it up:

Open source software. Specifically GIS. Esri has begun to lose its luster to me. It’s not a challenge and they have become more about pushing boxes rather than solving problems.

1966 Beetle. A friend of mine moved to Portland, Oregon (jerk). He owns a ’66 Beetle that is now in my back shed. It has been waiting for me to uncover it and work on it.

CILGIP. Central Illinois Geographic Information Professionals. This group has been around for several years, though not active. The purpose is to bring together folks in the GIS community in central Illinois for support and sharing of ideas. I’m thinking about how to make this bigger and better, maybe write a network newsletter, maybe make it a nonprofit.

NSGIC. Nation States Geographic Information Council. This is a national geospatial data collaboration organization that has Illinois as a black hole. Not only are central Illinois GIS professionals not talking to each other, GIS people throughout the state don’t really collaborate. At all. Being a board member for ILGISA, I see this as a personal challenge to make things better for GIS in Illinois.

Dunno. I’m not going to do anything drastic, I know that. And I don’t want to call it a midlife crisis, (don’t you dare label me) let’s call it a midlife conundrum.

42, in pop culture is the number given at the end of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’ as the answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything”. I hope it’s a good year.