I’m starting a list of organizations that operate in the geospatial sector with non-profit status. I’m not talking about professional trade associations or quasi-governmental organizations limited by geography (MPOs). I want a list of orgs that DO mapping exclusively or heavily use GIS driven by their mission for the public good.


Because it’s my field and I should know the players. These groups do the same things I do but as a nonprofit they must do things differently. After 18 years in the industry, I am interested in how that works and what it looks like. Don’t be threatened, this is not a hit list that is not how I work. I have genuine interest in how non-profit GIS operates.

This list will be updated as I hear about more. Please feel free to comment below to help add to the list. These are in NO order whatsoever.

GIS Corps    www.giscorps.org

World Wildlife Foundation   www.worldwildlife.org

National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation   www.napsgfoundation.org

DH Network digitalhumanitarians.com

[UN]cultivated  www.uncultivatedearth.org

Missing Maps www.missingmaps.org

Youth Mappers www.youthmappers.org

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap www.hotosm.org

Society for Conservation GIS scgis.org

The Nature Conservancy  www.nature.org

AmeriCorps  www.nationalservice.gov

Development Gateway www.developmentgateway.org

National Audubon Society www.audubon.org

World Resources Institute www.wri.org/resources/maps

National Trust for Historic Preservation savingplaces.org

GreenInfo Network www.greeninfo.org

Trust for Public Land www.tpl.org

Shared Geo www.sharedgeo.org

Good Lands www.good-lands.org

OrgHunter Charitable Foundation orghunter.org

These are a little nebulous on their GIS usage But Esri lists them as organizations they have donated software to.

Humanity Road  www.humanityroad.org

Net Hope nethope.org

Amnesty International www.amnesty.org

American Red Cross www.redcross.org

World Vision www.worldvision.org

Winrock International www.winrock.org

These are in question of whether or not the organization still exists.

Standby Task Force www.standbytaskforce.org

CrisisCommons crisiscommons.org



Have more? Doubt one above? DM me or Drop a line in the comments.