How do bookmarks even work these days?!?

I have bookmarks in Safari, Chrome, a Google Doc, Top Sites & my Reading List. Why? Do I need to save all these online locations? The chances are when I’m navigating the inter-webs, I will just type something close to the correct URL into the Address bar and click the top Google (unsponsored) search result. Who needs all this digital hoarding anyway?

Reading List

It’s as if when you add something to your reading list, that means you claim rights to it or somehow have absorbed the information in the article. I don’t have Pintrest, but I think adding things to my Reading List to me is like that. If you “pin” something to a board it’s as if you made it yourself. –> “You want ideas for a cute holiday centerpiece? Just look at my Pintrest board, there’s a TON of Ideas on there” having made none of them yourself, of course, but you FOUND them and PINNED them, so they’re kinda yours. Yeah my reading list is like that. I have PDFs on the Pacific Plastic Island, Illinois Municipal structure, Apple Maps, and other websites I don’t want to forget about. Oh! That sounds like a good article; I’ll deeply understand that subject matter simply by adding it to my Reading List!


I have a majority of my main “repetitive” bookmarks in Safari. These are bookmarks that I need access to across devices…. OK, ‘need’ is a little over zealous…. Ok, I hardly use these, lets be real. I do use a few I have in Chrome, because if i’m using Chrome, it’s because the website requires it or I’m keeping cookies separated for a particular task. Most of my Bookmarks need to be put into the appropriate Trello Project Board. Another time…

Google Doc

I’ve been at this game for a while. I have a history with bookmarks. So, it’s logical to think that i have a google doc that has an ongoing exported list of links that I have used in the past. Like from years ago & past employers & old computers & whatnot (hey, at least it’s only ONE doc, I just keep adding to it whenever I “purge”). Most of them are probably broken or obsolete But when i’m feeling nostalgic I will look it over and say “Hey, There’s a link to a Help Doc for using Apache Tomcat with ArcIMS!” yeah, that’s a good use of my time. The good news is that the Google doc is searchable, so it’s indexed, kind-of.

Top Sites

Probably my most healthy relationship with shortcutting the internet is Safari top Sites. It’s the homepage of 12 gridded tiles to my most commonly visited sites. I truly to use this quite a bit. I could probably get away with 9 instead of 12, but it serves me well. there you go 12 bookmarks. I think that would feel about right.

Time to purge.