Keep Calm Know your Limits

Search that term… “Know your Limits”. You will find a cacophony of memes and Go-Get-Em type of motivational posts, images and articles. Most having to do with working out and exercise. The corniest, cheesiest ones say something like “Know your Limits … and CRUSH them!”. If you go around all the time crushing your limits, they really are not your limits. I appreciate the British approach to limits: Keep Calm, Know your Limits. At any rate, it is helpful in life to be self aware enough to know when you have over committed and need to scale back.

Right now, this is me.

There is a lot coming up in the next few months. I know that I need to scale back on some other things in order to maintain a sustained level of overachaivement. I’m going to cut back on Twitter quite a bit. I had to stop going to book club. And I am not going to worry too much about this Blog. Even though I do not write very well, I do enjoy it. I have a workshop that I’m giving next week. There are a few ideas I have rolling around in my head that I want to act on. I have a few trips coming up. My daughter is getting married this summer.

It’s all good stuff. I just know my limits.