I was privileged to be asked again to do a workshop for Wisconsin Land Information Association’s annual conference this month. The conference chairman said, “You could do a class on ArcGIS Enterprise, Arc Pro or anything really.” hmmm. shouldn’t sound so desperate…

Satire Image

We settled on a sequel to last years workshop. After reviewing the previous workbook, I should have started out with an apology to last year’s attenders. There was no way I should have expected them to finish the 31 page set of step-by-step instructions in 3 hours. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Eh Well, Live and learn.

This year’s workbook was 18 pages and much more closely timed to be four exercises 15-20 minutes a piece depending on your expertise. Here it is: ArcGIS Pro! Part Deux I estimate spending 40-50 hours on putting it together and testing the workflow.

There are instructions in the manual that call for Data & an MXD to be put onto your PC’s C:/ Drive Here is that ZIP File. If you really need the PPT that was introduced in the first 20 minutes, Here it is too.


Pro really has come a long way in the 4 years that it’s been released. the only thing that would make it better is to tear off the band-aid that is the continuous release of ArcMap.

Workshop PPT