Isn’t that how everyone starts a blog post about starting a new job? Well I am, I did.

November 1st I stared with GISinc as a Geospatial Solutions Architect. I want to be clear about something: there is absolutely nothing wrong at Cloudpoint. Every job transition has been my call. At each, I knew when it was time to go. This transition was no different.

In fact; this is the Email I sent last month to the Clients I have build a relationship with over the past 8 years.

I wanted to let you know personally that I will be leaving Cloudpoint Geospatial at the end of the month. Our whole staff has spent some time recently talking about a transition plan and I have complete confidence in their ability to support your GIS needs.

Cloudpoint has never been about one person. Even if you principality talk to me, our project management is structured so that we all have access and knowledge of your work requests. This is the reason we implement Esri Best Practices, the knowledge is transferable. I want to highlight this; Have no doubt, You are in good hands. will be your new contact. He plans to reach out to you in the next few weeks to follow up with any questions or needs they may have currently have.

Another point I want to make: There are NO CONCERNS at Cloudpoint Geospatial. I emphasized this to our (growing) staff as well. I am 1,000% behind the leadership, vision and direction that Jon Hodel is moving this company. I have been with the company 8 years and have never been more excited about its future. This decision for me to move on is personal in nature and not related to any kind of internal issue. Of course, if you have questions, feel free to contact the office at 1-877-377-8124.

I hope for the best for you, Your GIS and Cloudpoint!
God Bless.

New Job Description

Being a person who tests his limits and exposes his own inadequacies means you are comfortable with change and the challenges that brings.

  • I am excited for the pace and variety of projects that I will be exposed to.
  • I am relieved to be ‘just a guy’ for a time running projects and participating in a larger organization.
  • I am hopeful for the opportunities that are available now.

Buckle Up!